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We are now a proud member of Family Business Australia (FBA)

Posted by Admin on 24 Apr 2017

Supreme Technology & Energy Solutions, one of Australia’s trusted names in the area of test & measurement and power quality solutions, is now a proudly Australian owned and operated business firm, having joined the prestigious FBA (Family Business Australia). Family Business Australia is the peak body for family business in Australia, a sector that forms almost half a million businesses and fifty percent of the country’s workforce. Our operation is run in a highly vibrant, passionate and positive environment based in Melbourne. We have set our eyes on becoming the country’s biggest service providers in Test equipment and related services, and Power quality solutions. 

It comes as no wonder that we will put ‘Australia first’ in the scheme of things, ably backed by our ever-increasing domestic clientele, trusted global partners, loyal staff force and stakeholders. Our business strives to contribute to the transformation of country’s economy and the way it will impact the business and the quality of people’s lives and their future for several generations to come. Our family-centered entrepreneurial culture has helped us to outperform others, foster innovation, take the lead, develop the willingness to take risks, proactively look for fresh, innovative ideas and delegate authority - all leading to creating a sustainable competitive edge in the marketplace.

We continue to grow professionally and personally through strong family business connect and become part of the wider family business community ties down under.

Automated test equipment market slated to grow at a CAGR of 3.5% from 2016 to 2022

Posted by Admin on 22 Feb 2017

Market Research Future (MRFR) has published its research report on Global Automated Test Equipment Market for the period 2016-20122 and has estimated the market would grow at a CAGR of 3.5%.  The global Automated Test Equipment (ATE) market encompasses an ever-increasing demand for efficient power management, meteoric rise of demand for smartphones, which in turn has had a huge impact on the semiconductor market and increase in the demand of consumer electronics market among others.

MRFR has also stated that the increased complexities in consumer electronics and cost & manufacturing time reduction as key factors for the growth of ATE market. However, MRFR has cited technical limitations including dynamic changes in the technology environment and intense competition amongst the industrial manufacturers and brands as factors curbing the growth and development of ATE market.  If automation holds key to the growth of ATE market, agility comes next. The good news is that most countries are coming forward to implement the Global Automated Test Equipment effectively as there seemingly has been an increasing demand for effective defined governance process.

Further, the research firm has segregated the ATE market into three broad categories based on components, application and type for efficiency with its target audience being OEM manufacturers, software manufacturers, hardware manufacturers and component manufacturers. The research shows that North America is dominating the Global Automated Test Equipment Market enjoying the lion’s share in the region, followed by Asia-Pacific and Europe markets.

Exclusive range of Power Quality Tools from leading global manufacturers 

Posted by Admin on 22 Feb 2017

Supreme Technology & Energy Solutions brings you an exclusive range of power quality tools for preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, analysis and recording for a slew of applications.  We have stocked a number of dedicated power quality analyzers in our arsenal for analyzing power supply issues easily and quickly. Being a trusted partner for several firms in power quality solution and analysis, we supply a range of PQ Analyzers built with a plethora of features including insulted current input, measurement of AC & DC current and voltage measurement, effective and apparent power, frequency, rotation measurement and idle and harmonics. Besides finding use as energy-measuring tools, power analyzers are widely employed in the determination of phase rotation and harmonics and in the area of network analysis. 

Power Analyzers from the house of leading global manufactures including Algodue, Elspec Technologies, Fluke, Hioki, Iskra, Kingsine, Megger, Metrel, Pite, Power Standards Lab and Rishabh ensure stable state of health of your power system. 

Algodue PQ Analyzers find use in monitoring Power Quality both for industrial applications and utilities. The innovative design and build of the Elspec BLACKBOX analyzers series is a cut above the rest, offering outstanding Power Quality Analysis solution. Fluke’s exclusive range of power quality analyzers find wide scale usage in preventive maintenance, troubleshooting and long-term analysis and recording. Hioki's power loggers and power quality analyzers are fast and easy to measure, analyze and record power line quality. Iskra has designed a number of PQ Analyzers in its product line for the detection of local power quality deviations. Power Quality Analyzers from Megger are characterized by innovativeness in the measurement of log data, load analysis and capture of network disturbances. Metrel PQ analyzers are time-tested, known for the efficient design of power correction equipments, filtering systems, over voltage protection & UPS systems. Pite and Kingsine’s range of PQ Analyzers is diligent in the measurement of harmonic and power quality data.

Pelican Products unveils LED Safety Certified Lighting Tools for enhanced performance in hazardous conditions

Posted by Admin on 22 Feb 2017

Pelican, the global leader in design and advanced lighting systems, has unveiled three new safety-certified lighting tools.  With Pelican’s lighting products establishing high standards in the safety-approved flashlight market, the Pelican 2785, that is safety certified, is a dual-LED headlamp that offers high superior and durable performance. The Pelican 2785 is built with three intensity settings (high, medium and low) that gives you up to 215 lumens of intense white light.

There are a host of additional features, built alongside the flashlight, including a combination of rear-mounted battery pack and rear facing safety identification, LED battery status indicator, water ingress protection, IP54 dust and water ingress protection. This flashlight, that comes in two colours: yellow and black, is designed with a dual-action for convenient operation and operates on four AA alkaline batteries (included).

The Pelican 3315 PL LED flashlight is designed for use in Class I, II, III - Division 1 perilous environments. It comes with a photo luminescent body that glows in the dark and helps with identification and visibility under dark and chilly conditions. Designed with comfort and safety factors in mind, the Pelican 3315 PL is lightweight and compact, measuring just 6.14” and weighs a mere 6.2 ounces. Due consideration has been given to ergonomics with the design accounting for a non-slip grip.

The Pelican’s 3325 LED flashlight is engineered to be compact and economical in size. It comes with a Class I – Division 1 hazardous location certification.  Measuring 6.06”, it weighs just 6.1 ounces and delivers 160 lumens with a runtime of 16 hours. It features a tail switch design that provides a simple one-handed operation and can be mounted on a helmet. The photoluminescent shroud makes it much easy to operate in dark conditions.

How to increase savings on the cost acquisition of Test Equipments?

Posted by Admin on 22 Feb 2017

One of the sure-fire means of saving money when purchasing testing & measuring equipments is to take a look at the used or second-hand equipment market. There are several brands and manufacturers that offer used test equipments, and with a bit of research and patience, you can find yourself going for an excellent bargain for a fraction of what would be the cost of buying a brand-new testing instrument. 

It is important for one to develop relationship with the original suppliers who will be interested in selling on stocks of surplus or older equipments. Supreme Technology & Energy Solutions does not miss any opportunity in sourcing used electrical and electrical equipments in excellent working condition from global brands or manufacturers for the buying interest of its customers and users. Let us take a dig at the some of the processes that go into the sourcing, testing and selling of used testing machines. 

We usually carry out rigorous test program on all used equipments before they are re-sold to ensure that they are in excellent working condition. Our test program includes a series of inspections, tests, evaluations that would help assess a machine’s capabilities and ascertain the functionality and condition of the device. This also involves repairs, replacement of parts, essential maintenance work and general cleaning or cosmetic refurbishment of the equipment

Once the assessment is done, the performance engineers carry out repair work or replacement of parts that are pertinent to ensure the product goes in line with the manufacturer’s specification and that its performance matches the requirement parameters. 

Next, we go the extra mile in giving them a complete refurbishment, thorough cleaning, treatment of minor scratches and ironing out of dents so that the machine looks as good as new. Most testing devices in the market require calibration and we ensure precise calibration of the equipment with a report that is a representation of its accuracy, besides account of all works carried out pre-sale of the machine. 

We, at Supreme Technology & Energy Solutions, decide whether the test instrument produces the desired set of results that is required for a specific project before opting out for a new, top of the range mode, besides our report indicating if the results or project are for distinct and one-off applications.

MIRUS International Inc. presents specialized Lineator for reducing harmonics in marine and offshore applications

Posted by Admin on 22 Feb 2017

The MOS (The Marine and Offshore Specific) Lineator from the house of Mirus International provides a unique and optional feature that finds use in extremely critical applications. One can maintain its capacitors without having to power down the reactor and this helps in the incessant operation of the equipment. When you isolate the capacitor bank from the reactor device, the Mirus MOS Lineator can be still safely disconnected for maintenance and service. This readily eliminates the need for exorbitant shut-downs, thereby ensuring the propulsion or production operation can go on without any undue interruption with the Lineator during capacitor maintenance — the reactor still hooked to limit harmonics, but with reduced effectiveness. 

The Mirus MOS Lineator is designed with its advanced new InSight Power Meter and Alarm Monitor that offer a distinct diagnostic system for constant monitoring of the health of the filter’s capacitors and reactor. This unique ‘condition based maintenance’ feature offers operators with important info about maintenance and performance requirements, so that any failure can be encountered with action before a fault may occur. Furthermore, a second InSight Power Meter can be integrated that would give harmonic performance and power consumption data for the constant performance of the MOS Lineator. 

Duly designed for a marine environment, the MOS Lineator’s duty version offers, alongside the standard Lineator features, maintenance on the run, stimulated IP-rated enclosure, power consumption monitoring & harmonic mitigation performance and constant capacitor and reactor monitoring. The MOS Lineator is built with Galvanneal paneling, stainless steel hardware, tin-plated terminals, powder coating (two-part marine-grade) and internal bracing for resistance to shock & vibration. It also comes with conformal coating on all electrical components that offers the much-required humidity resistance.

The MOS Lineator, therefore, is built keeping in mind the needs of regulating bodies. This newest device from Mirus provides proven harmonic mitigation performance built specifically for marine applications including offshore oil production, offshore drilling and naval and commercial vessels.

Flir Systems unveils FLIR X6900sc, a highly fast full resolution Thermal Camera

Posted by Admin on 22 Feb 2017

Flir Systems has unveiled FLIR X6900sc, a highly sensitive and fast MWIR camera that is applicable for advanced research tasks. This camera comes with on-camera RAM/SSD recording, advanced triggering and a four-position motorized filter wheel. The biggest advantage of the camera is that it allows to stop motion on high-speed events, be it on the test range or in the lab.

The Flir X6900sc is designed to capture complete 640 x 512 images at 1000 frames per sec and this makes it one of the world’s fastest full resolution thermal camera that’s available commercially. Windowing pushes faster frame rates of up to 29,134 Hz, whilst the output frame rate can be adjusted from 0.0015 Hz to the maximum for the selected window. 

Built with a guarantee of zero dropped frames, you can save up to 26,000 frames of full resolution data to on-camera RAM. The Playback from RAM, or in other words, save to the removable SSD (Solid State Drive) is achieved in 90 seconds, and this enables you to quickly rearm for a new recording.  The X6900sc is also built for streaming high-speed 14-bit data instantaneously over Camera Link, Gigabit Ethernet and CoaXPress for analysis, live viewing, or recording.

The FLIR X6900sc comes with an easy access, four-position motorized filter wheel that allows filter exchange in any kind of environment. Integrated with built in automatic filter recognition, the camera goes about the filter location pretty perfectly; spectral band and associated calibrations. These additions make it convenient to choose a suitable filter and load a custom calibration and configuration to the device.

The FLIR X6900sc series find itself into high speed applications including airbag inspection, brake and rotor inspection, combustion engine research, ballistics & munitions testing and military range tracking, et al. It also finds applications in high-speed imagery to prevent motion on an object that is moving fast or to precisely characterize the rise in temperature of a high-speed thermal event.

Megger unveils new MFT range of multifunction installation testers

Posted by Admin on 22 Feb 2017

Today’s growing needs of electrical contractors has pushed Megger to come out with the new MFT range of multifunction installation testers which are a combo of the highest levels of safety factors, convenience, versatility and real value for money.  To meet the budget and requirements of every electrical contractor, Megger has unveiled its new multifunction testers in three versions. The MFT1711 comes as a highly economical choice for routine installation testing and is built with advanced features like true RMS voltage measurement and automatic RCD testing – options that weren’t available in the previous releases. 

The MFT1721 comes with three-phase systems and solar power installations, while the top-of-the-range MFT1731 offers maximum versatility and convenience. This not only provides advanced facilities for the measurement of earth resistance but also internal memory for storage of test results and supports Bluetooth downloading.

The new MFT1711 is compliant according to the IET Wiring Regulations for testing low-voltage electrical installations, besides providing a slew of functions. The MFT1711, in addition to true RMS voltage measurement and facilities for automatic RCD testing, comes with 1,000 V insulation test option and a convenient timesaving automatic Zmax function. It is built to test 10 mA, 30 mA, 100 mA, 300 mA and 500 mA RCDs and, in addition to types with intermediate sensitivities. The MFT1711 is also designed with a variable RCD test facility.

The three-phase enabled MFT1721 offers a whole lot of functions that you can find in MFT1711, but additionally it comes with a 100 V insulation test option, support for testing of Type B RCDs and a millivolt sensor input. Phase rotation can be checked, besides test three-phase RCDs testing even when there is no availability of neutral. You can also perform Phase-to-phase loop testing at 415 V, in addition to the evaluation of prospective short-circuit current (PSCC) values ranging up to 20 kA.

The MFT1731 is shipped in a large soft carrying case and is built on the capabilities of the MFT1721 by offering support for three-pole ART earth resistance measurements, with stakeless twin-clamp earth resistance measurements and a clamp option. This Megger model is also designed with an internal storage for wireless downloading of test results to several Bluetooth-equipped gadgets, tablets and smartphones.

The new range of Megger’s multifunction installation testers is built with the same attributes that made the previous model MFT1700-series instruments highly successful and popular like robust construction for higher durability, easy-to-use interface, comprehensive electrical protection and slew of other notable safety features including a CAT IV 300 V/CAT III 600 V safety rating in accordance with IEC 61010 standards.

Power quality analyzers from major global brands including Elspec Technologies

Posted by Admin on 22 Feb 2017

Power quality analyzers are the most common form of tools to monitor real-time readings and also collect data for downloading to computers for further data break up and analysis. There are some which are permanently installed in the distribution system, whereas a few are handheld analyzers which play a key role in many applications, particularly in the process of troubleshooting. 

Handheld power quality analyzers are mostly lightweight (generally weighing 4 lb to 5 lb) and are built with the capability for measuring a range of parameters including voltage, frequency, dips (sags) and swells in voltage values, PF, and the resulting distortion and crest factor, power and energy, inrush current values, voltage and current unbalance, harmonic currents and light flicker. If an analyzer is designed to measure and monitor such basic parameters, one can resolve most PQ issues successfully.

Portable data loggers, on the other hand, are also built to monitor the same parameters like that of the power quality analyzer; however, they come with the distinct advantage of long-term recording (days to several weeks). Besides, the data logger generally does not display the real-time values on-screen that a power quality analyzer can otherwise provide. Additional test equipment, including the likes of recording digital multimeters and harmonic currents, also find specific use applications.

Supreme Technology brings you Power Quality Analyzers from major global brands like Algodue, Elspec Technologies, Fluke, Hioki, Iskra, Kingsine, Megger, Metrel, Pite, Power Standards Lab and Rishabh. These PQ Analyzers are available with a slew of purchase, rental, lease and hire options.  You can also find new, refurbished and used PQ Analysers with us. You can check them all on our website and opt for buying or rental options that best suits your requirements, budget and specific application.

Brockhaus introduces new Test & Measurement Equipments for magnetizing devices

Posted by Admin on 22 Feb 2017

BROCKHAUS, a family-owned business group comprising 150+ employees, operates in three key business areas viz. Steel, Environment & Test & Measurement. 
BROCKHAUS has proven expertise in the area of testing electrotechnical materials and has turned out to be one of the major manufacturers in Europe for measuring systems for quality control of magnetic materials. It manufactures test & measuring instruments for magnetizing devices, purchases and sells tested and calibrated used test instruments, carries out services including measuring to order, calibration and magnetizing to order. 

Brockhaus has brought out new electrical equipments for the measument technology for soft magnetic materials including the likes of Electrical Steel Testers - C 510, MPG HF, MPG, and mobile Power Amplifier PA 100, Stator Tester ST 510, Franklin Tester FT 510, Stacking Factor Tester SFT 300, Domain Viewer DV 90, and Inline Measuring System EBA.

BROCKHAUS  has added the Hystograph HG 200 and AC/DC Hystograph HG 200 AC to its line of electrical test instruments for the measurement technology for soft magnetic materials. It also boasts a gamut of products including the BGM 101, BGM 201, GM 425, GM 455, GM 460, Usable probes; Fluxmeter F10 (to be used in conjunction with Helmholtz coil, Field coil & Potential coil), BROCKHAUS; Rotor Tester, Electromagnet System, and XYZ Field Scanner.

BROCKHAUS has brought in EBA, Inline Thickness Measuring Instrument TGD, Inline Hole and Width Detection Instrument under its Inline Measuring Systems. BROCKHAUS Magnetizers MAG 2000 stands out as a key product in the Magnetizing Technology category. The company allows its users to download all Demo software available on its website.  

BROCKHAUS products have wide application in the areas of goods reception, optimization of production processes, R & D, QC during production process, and sample testing when going for new suppliers.

Brockhaus & DET (DneproEnergoTechnologii Ltd) join hands with Supreme Technology and Energy Solutions

Posted by Admin on 22 Feb 2017

Supreme Technology and Energy Solutions Australia Pty. Ltd has added two more global brands to the growing list of world class quality manufacturers, whose innovative Test Instruments will undoubtedly meet the growing needs of its customers in the area of high voltage testing and testing of soft & hard magnetic materials.  These include DET (DneproEnergoTechnologii Ltd) and Brockhaus. Let us take a quick look at the brand profile and their range of product suite and solutions for customers.

Brockhaus is a family-owned group with 150+ employees, and operates in three major business areas including Steel, Environment & Test & Measurement. With a TS 16949 Certificate, Brockhaus manufactures cold rolled strip according to the needs of its customer, with a gamut of dimensions ranging from the typical width to thickness ratio to extreme dimensions. It also recycles metallic raw materials, thereby contributing to the value chain of production of metal. Brockhaus has also gained global recognition for its measurement and testing technology. Brockhaus is a trusted partner for special industrial markets. It boasts of a range of test & measurement equipments for testing soft & hard magnetic materials, with a range of allied services.

Formed in 2005, the Ukraine based DET (DneproEnergoTechnologii Ltd), with 200+ employees, has turned out to be a global brand in the manufacture of high voltage testing, high current testing and measuring equipment, instrument for cable fault location and insulating liquids testers over the years. The products of DET find a lot of application in the areas of power utility companies, energy generation and distribution, substations and power plants. The product line of DET covers Cable Fault Location Equipments, Relays and Circuit Breakers, Primary Current Injectors, Cable Test Vans and Transformer Oil Testing Devices. We will be continuously updating more products from DET  & Brockhaus as and when we find them online.

Hioki introduces AC CLAMP METER 3280-20F

Posted by Admin on 22 Feb 2017

Earlier this year, Hioki unveiled the AC CLAMP METER 3280-20F - clamp meters, that are considered best-in class test & measurement equipment integrating Hioki’s expertise in current sensing technology. The 3280-20F is a True RMS rectifying 1000A AC clamp meter that is packed with a broad operating temperature range of -25° C to 65° C has a thin and compact clamp core and flexible (optional) current sensor that one can attach to allow him/her to get into the tightest spots.  

Some of the key features include:
 1. Measurement of even harmonic waveform components making use of the True RMS method (i.e., since the 3280-20F supports true RMS measurement, it is manufactured with the ability to precisely measure current even in the event of the waveform is distorted). 

2. Expanded -25 °C to 65 °C operating range of temperature.
This test instrument can be made use of in a slew of climates worldwide, from cold areas with subzero temperatures to areas of higher heat temperatures in excess of 40°C.

3. Drop proof design can withstands drop from a height of 1-meter CAT IV 300 V (Current) CAT III 600 V (Current) CAT III 300 V (Voltage) CAT II 600 V (Voltage). The CT6280 flexible sensor can be connected to measure up to the range of 4199 A in paired or thick wires. 

4. Convenient measurement of tangled wires when made use of with a flexible current sensor

Megger offers Solution for Testing Transformers, Substation Components

Posted by Admin on 22 Feb 2017

The ever increasing demand for compact substation has resulted in the development of TRAX test sets by Megger.  Packed with various features including ease of handling and adaptability, the TRAX220, the lightest test set of this range, weighs only 32 kg in its transport case and spells greater portability.  Despite their compact built, these test shows no performance deviation and are built to offer accurate measurements as much as one can derive from multiple test instruments.

The TRAX220 is optimized for general substation and transformer testing, TRAX test sets can perform more than 20 test functions including, for instance, turns ratio, measurement of winding resistance, short-circuit impedance, excitation current, capacitance, tan delta, CT and VT testing, circuit breaker timing, motion analysis and frequency response of stray losses.

The test sets allow you to measure a range of currents and voltages to be generated and measured with greater accuracy and precision. The TRAX220 presents a maximum AC current output capability of 200A, whereas the TRAX280 can extend this capability up to a range of 800 A. For both units, this range can be further extended to 2000 A with an additional current booster. As a user, you are provided with a complete range of guided testing or full manual control making use of the built-in TRAX “apps”.

Each app tends to execute a particular test function – for example winding resistance measurement or, turns ratio measurement – and thus automatically configures the equipment for this type of testing. All the needless information is completely removed from the display and only information pertinent to the testing in hand is displayed. This app-based approach makes TRAX test sets make it easy to work with, and removes the requirement for extensive user training.

Some of the other salient features of Megger’s TRAX test sets include cutting-edge transformer winding resistance measurements with test currents up to 100 A true DC at up to 50 V compliance voltage; excellent interference suppression to obtain precise readings even in high noise switchyard conditions; dynamic on-load tap changer (OLTC) measurements; individual temperature correction of tan delta measurements utilizing Megger’s patented technology; a operating frequency range of 5 to 500 Hz (1 to 500 Hz for tan delta measurements) and automatic voltage dependence detection.

All TRAX test sets are built with ground-loop detection, facilities for fast discharge of inductive measurement objects and dual interlocks to make sure there is enhanced operator safety. There is an arrangement for connecting strobe warning light (optional).

The Megger TRAX family currently presents three models: The TRAX220 with an output capability of 200 A and the TRAX280 with an output capability of 800 A have integral colour touchscreens for the user interface for displaying test results. The TRAX219 is built with capabilities akin to those of the TRAX220, but is built short of touchscreen and is built to work in combination with an external computer.
Options that are available for use with TRAX test sets include the likes of the TDX120 unit for measuring tan delta and capacitance, the TSX130 unit for measurement of three-phase measurements on transformers, and the TCX200 unit for the measurement of high-current testing up to the range of 2000 A.

MI 3152H EurotestXC 2,5 kV from the new generation of Metrel’s multifunctional measuring Equipments

Posted by Admin on 22 Feb 2017

The Metrel MI 3152H EurotestXC 2.5 kV is an equipment row from the gen-x of Metrel’s multifunctional measuring instruments. The Metrel MI 3152H is built with a slew of features like total installation safety testing according to IEC/EN 61557 and AUTO SEQUENCE testing of TN and TT earthing systems that is expanded with insulation resistance measurement with the test voltage up to 2.5 kV are controlled by an entirely new user interface against a large colour touch screen display. You can find a gamut of functions integrated ranging from on-line voltage monitoring, earth resistance measurement with 3 wire and 2 clamps method and illuminance measurement, phase sequence testing, line and loop impedance tests in addition to diagnostic test powered by PI and DAR indexes calculation and TRMS current measurement up to RCD tests. 

Additional features include redefined mini AUTOSEQUENCEs, Built-in help screens for the purpose of referencing on site, real-time Monitoring of all 3 voltages, Integrated fuse tables for the purpose of automatic evaluation of the line / loop impedance result, Automatic polarity reversal on continuity test, Automated RCD testing procedure, BT communication using PC, smart phones, Android tablets through built-in BT, Rechargeable batteries & Built-in charger as general accessory, PC SW Metrel ES Manager for creating test structures and downloading and uploading of test results and report generation.

Applications of Metrel MI 3152H EurotestXC 2.5 Kv include regular testing of industrial and domestic installations, Testing of TN & TT supply systems, recording of insulation trends, testing of single and multiphase systems, and testing of Insulation resistance of motors, transformers, machines, cables, etc.
Measuring functions include Insulation resistance with DC voltage from 50 V to 2500 V and PI; Line/Loop impedance; DAR calculation; TRMS voltage and frequency; Continuity of PE conductors with 200 mA DC test current with polarity change; Continuity of PE conductors with 7 mA test current without RCD tripping; Loop impedance with Trip Lock RCD function and Phase sequencers testing and Power and harmonics. Optional measurement features include Earth resistance, Illumination, Specific earth resistance with Ro-adapter and TRMS leakage and load currents.

Metrel Electrical Safety Manager
The Metrel Electrical Safety Manager is a common application for management of wide range of Metrel’s electrical safety testers, machine testers, portable appliance testers and industrial safety testers. This application is integrated with a unified user interface with the new generation of Metrel’s instruments - same view same meaning. It allows the pretreatment for the measurements, creation of professional reports and viewing and editing of the measurement results. According to the type of equipment, the user can develop AUTOSEQUENCEs, single tests or custom tests. They can be built into the custom created test structures and further uploaded into the measurement equipment

Megger HT1000/2 Copper Wire Analyzer for effective Testing Cable Lines

Posted by Admin on 22 Feb 2017

The new Megger HT1000/2 Copper Wire Analyser is the ideal choice when you are entrusted with the job of testing cable lines. The hand-held instrument is built to offer copper-wire provisioning and maintenance technicians with the most critical tests simply at the touch of a button. The  Megger HT1000/2 is a full feature, high-performance, handheld compact tester for the purpose of copper wire provisioning and maintenance technicians.  

The new and improved HT1000/2 has been built to perform the most critical tests at the touch of a button. It comes with a Noise finder via a 30 MHz spectrum analyser with 7 user selectable auto tests, 200 pair pre-post test storage, AC or DC power, Incremental pair test program, uploads test results, USB port downloads updates. This test equipment is part of the Meggernetworks line of telecom/datacom products. 

This test equipment is water resistant and durable and is designed with a 1/4 VGA LCD screen and a powerful backlight to make testing and troubleshooting convenient in all range of work environments. One can power HT1000/2 with the help of rechargeable battery for 4 continuous hours of usage (when fully charged). Besides, it can expose interference or damage caused by corrosion. You can also check Megger HT1000/2AX, HT1000/2CX Copper Wire Analyzer, HT1000/2VX, HT1000/2CB and HT1000/2VB for effective cable line testing.

Elspec Technologies leading PQ Analyzer brand, rolls out new Equipments and Software for Energy Saving Solutions

Posted by Admin on 22 Feb 2017

Elspec is one of the major manufacturers of Real-time Power Factor Correction Systems, Electrical Power Quality Analyzers and equipment’s related to Energy Saving Solutions. Elspec continues to dazzle the Test & Measurement Equipment industry with a slew of new products and accessories introduced in recent times including Mini Clamps and Extension Modules for ELSPEC BlackBox Pure Power Quality Analyzers. 

Elspec has unveiled two Power Quality Analyzers in its ranks viz. ELSPEC BlackBox Pure 1 Phase Power Quality Analyzer and ELSPEC BlackBox Pure 3 Phase Power Quality Analyzer. These PQ Analyzers are advanced Class A power quality analyzers built with PQZIP Technology. These handy and ready PQ Analyzers are an easy to use plug and play device that continuously records all power quality parameters without recording configuration or thresholds setting. The Power Quality Analyzers are marketed in two versions namely the Single Phase and 3-Phases. This Plug & Play Power Quality Analyzers are rugged and compact and are built for an easy and safety installation.

Elspec has also rolled out three Power Management Software in its Sapphire series including Power Management Software – Enterprise, Express & Professional that let all Fault Recorders, Revenue Meters, PQ Analyzers and all other IED to be analyzed in one system, with a multi-vendor support. The PQSCADA Sapphire acquires, processes and stores recorded data from any form of recording device via a range of file formats and communication protocols. The PQSCADA Power Management Software can help simplify the IT environment by completely doing away with the need to purchase, train and install users and maintain multiple systems. Some of the other advantages include no missed events, access to information from any location or point, prior notifications, easily fix misconfigurations, easy & flexible reporting & compliance and extraction of some of the most useful insights out of your data. PQSCADA Sapphire comes with a distinct set of charts and reports offering you the power to plan control and make data-driven decisions. One can also obtain an overview of the electrical network and measuring instruments over geographic layout.

Elspec Technologies G4400 BLACKBOX Fixed Power Quality Analyzer

Posted by Admin on 22 Feb 2017

The revolutionary Elspec G4000 BLACKBOX is the next generation in power quality analyzers. The G4K offers accurate detection and isolation of power quality monitoring for effective preventive maintenance with No Triggers/No Thresholds and this means there aren’t any missed events. The G4k is capable of recording all network parameters for up to a year.

Besides,  real-time monitoring with PQZIP, a patented data compression algorithm, the G4000 Power Quality Analyzer BLACKBOX stores onboard all the waveforms of every network cycle for up to a year at up to 1,024 samples per cycle resolution, reducing thresholds, triggers, or parameter setting for logging. The G4000 BLACKBOX Power Quality Analyzer is built to calculate RMS, harmonics, and all the required values from waveforms in post-processing. The total number of parameters is virtually unlimited. 

A unique time synchronization algorithm makes sure that logged data from multiple units is synchronized and displayed on the same time scale with typical 0.1 ms resolution. Therefore, every event on a grid is accurately analyzed for precise root cause analysis and traced to its source.

PQA Technology

In the PQA Technology there is no Triggers/No Thresholds and this means there are no missed events. Optimizing Power Quality Data Analysis Using Patented Data Compression Technology. The main objective of an engineer troubleshooting a power quality event is to determine the source of the disturbance in order to identify the required corrective action. To identify the source, the engineer depends on recorded data captured by monitoring instrument. 

The management demands a cost effective method for the solution of the problem as quick as possible. The electrical engineer speaks of installing instrumentation, collecting data, analyzing data, re-installing and re-analyzing. It is not uncommon for months to pass until the problem is isolated and a solution is implemented. 

Power quality analysis has traditionally posed a unique challenge to the engineer, demanding an accurate assumption as to the dimensions of the disturbance in order to capture the event to memory for examination. The correct balance between memory size and the deviation of the disturbance from the norm is often elusive. Thresholds set too low capture too many events of little or no consequence, filling the memory before the sought after damaging event occurs. Setting the threshold too high can overshoot the event.

The revolutionary Fault Wizard Primary Cable Fault Location System by Innovative Utility Products 

Posted by Admin on 22 Feb 2017

The Fault Wizard is a truly portable, relatively inexpensive, and user-friendly fault location system for primary underground cable. The system is based on the new automated arc-reflection technology (AART) developed by IUP. The display shows the distance in feet or meters to the fault location. The display also shows the fault type (open or short), the battery voltage, the velocity of propagation setting, the charge voltage, and whether the system is armed for waveform storage for retrieval and viewing on a computer (desktop or laptop) by utilizing the Fault Wizard Software. However, as stated before, viewing of the waveforms is not required since the Fault Wizard gives an automatic readout of distance to the fault location. Since the system is battery operated, it can be used in remote locations. 

The Fault Wizard will shoot through transformers and will locate faults up to 10,000 feet. Therefore, the Fault Wizard is great for faulted-cable section isolation. The impulse voltage is variable, which allows low-voltage pulsing and minimum damage to cables. The system has a cycle mode for use in pinpointing the fault with a headset listening device. However, the Fault Wizard has sufficient power to often be felt and heard above ground. 
In cycle mode, the Fault Wizard's batteries will last over 1 hour (full battery charge) and deliver a 350 J pulse (10 kV charge voltage) every 6 seconds. The cycle rate is faster at lower voltage settings. The system also has a hi-pot mode (DC output variable from 0 to 10 kV) for checking the breakdown voltage of the fault in an isolated section of cable or the integrity of an isolated section of cable (to insure the fault is in that section of cable before re-energizing). 

The battery voltage will flash on the display when the batteries are low and need recharged. Battery recharging is accomplished through the 120 VAC socket located on the panel. Changing the velocity of propagation setting is easily accomplished by up and down buttons located on the panel. The Fault Wizard's internal system is environmentally shielded and housed in a very durable rotationally-molded polyethylene case. Three handles are attached to the case for convenient carrying by one or two people.

Megger introduces new Series of Insulation Testers Safety Rated to CAT IV 600 V

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Megger has introduced the new Series of Insulation Testers Safety Rated to CAT IV 600 V. The new MIT400 is perfect for use in the power, electrical and telecommunication industries.

The MIT400 series comprises the MIT400, MIT410, MIT415, MIT420, MIT430 and MIT40X, and provides an exceptional measurement range from 20 G? to 200 G?. It comes with adjustable insulation test voltages ranging from 250 V to 1000 V and 50 V to 1000 V.  A special application instrument provides voltages from 10 V to 100 V in 1 V steps.  Bluetooth wireless data transfer and test result storage are also featured in some of the top-of-the-range models. 

For fast cable resistance measurements, these new industrial insulation testers are can measure continuity at 200 mA or 20 mA down to 0.01 Ohms.  The testers accept both DC voltage measurements as well as TRMS measurements, offering accurate data on noisy lines.

The MIT400 series is an ideal combo of both an analog arc as well as dual digital display readout. The dual digital display is built with an exceptionally large main digital readout that aids in excellent visibility of all main measurement results. Megger’s patented analog arc display is integrated in the unit to reproduce the response of a moving coil analog pointer.  

Four of the six testers also come with polarization index (PI) and dielectric absorption ratio (DAR) function, besides an adjustable continuity pass/fail limit alarms.  A free calibration certificate comes packed with each unit.  Each tester is sealed to IP54 providing you a weatherproof case to minimize the chance of water ingress.  A three year warranty comes standard with each product.

Why rent Test Equipments?

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Supreme Technology & Energy Solutions offers a gamut of financing options with a slew of advantages for its customers all over the world. Needless to say, there are advantages to each of the financial options available to them; a lot depends upon how the test equipment is put to use and therefore, there are some methods that may prove advantageous than the rest. It is conventional wisdom to choose the best that suit one’s business plan and requirements. We offer both choice as well as flexibility in selecting the plan that goes best with your needs. In this rather short blog, let us quickly look into some of the advantages that come with our rental option of test & measurement equipments.
  • Try before you purchase any test equipment 
  • Needs less capital than actual purchase 
  • Last minute emergencies
  • R&D and Test projects
  • Gets rid of obsolescence
  • Helps preserves capital
  • Low maintenance cost of equipments
  • Helps prioritize your inventory 
  • Project-attributable expenditure 
Do you feel that renting test equipment is the ideal option? Why not give us a call or make use of our quick quote request to let us know your requirement related to renting any test equipment from global brands.

Hioki announces the launch of the CT9667 series of flexible AC current sensors

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Hioki has announced the launch of the CT9667 series of flexible AC current sensors. The series introduces small-diameter sensors built with cables that are much thinner than its predecessors.  This allows easy installation even in settings including electrical equipment whose wiring is turning out to be more intricate and complex. Hioki is an expert in the manufacture of lamp-on current sensors that can measure current in a contactless manner from outside a conductor's insulation. They also encompass flexible current sensors for those whose requirement is to measure large currents, say on the order of 1000s of amperes. 

The biggest advantage of these sensors is that it can not only make measurement safe but also easy, allowing the equipment to be made use of with conductors that one cannot measure with clamp-on ammeters having rigid cores, at the same time. There has been a considerable effort to miniaturize distribution panels and wiring components, thereby leading to the surge in the number of measurement locations with intricate and complex wiring.  With the biggest impediment being the thickness of cable diameter of its sensors, Hioki has done the right thing with the introduction of these sensors. This can help installation of these sensors even in more confined spaces.

Hioki has developed the CT9667 series of sensors in addition to the CT9667-03. The CT9667-03 is built with the same measurable conductor diameter and cable diameter like the earlier versions (CT9667); the new series includes the likes of CT9667-01 and CT9667-02, which both provide a much smaller-diameter cable than the earlier releases. The new designs - CT9667-01, CT9667-02 and CT9667-03 now make it relatively simple to install the sensors in even more cramped spaces.

The new CT9667 series offers improved environmental resistance compared to earlier releases, featuring a wider operating temperature range. The CT9667-01 and CT9667-02 have obtained certification under the IP54 standard for dust and water protection. The CT9667 series is built to be made use of in combo with PQ analyzers and several other clamp-on power meters.

Rishabh introduces new RISH Clamp Power 1000A/400A AC/DC

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Rishabh has introduced the new RISH Clamp Power 1000A/400A AC/DC which can measure AC & DC Current up to 1000A/400 A, In rush/Peak value measurement, AC & DC Voltage upto1000V, Active, Reactive and Apparent Power, HP measurement, Phase Angle, Crest Factor, DF, Power Factor, THD, LPF Mode for VFD application. It is built with the ability to measure up to 49th Harmonics. With a unique design having highly clamp innovative design for increased comfort & safety of user, it comes with rotating clamp jaws for measurement at physically uncomfortable positions, large jaw opening of 51mm and 41 mm for std. wire diameter of 50mm & 40mm for 1000A and 400A respectively, DATA HOLD button for hands free operation, MIN/MAX button for recording the latest Min. and Max.readings and Backlit for measurement during poor lighting condition.

One can open or close the clamp jaws using the trigger located at bottom side away from the jaws. This lets the user to place his/her hand at a much safer distance from live conductor. This tends to reduce exposure to dangerous electrical shocks. The design and location of trigger reduces fatigues caused by single finger operation. It ensures comfortable operation by allowing distributing the force needed to open the jaws over more than one finger. As the push buttons and function selector switch are comfortably placed on the device, they invariable aid during adverse field conditions.

The RISH Clamp Power 1000A/400A AC/DC  by Rishabh  also comes with a non-contact voltage detection feature for detecting the presence of AC Voltage between 100 to 1000 V 50Hz/60Hz without any form of electrical connection, offering acoustic signal as an indication, user-centric Dual Display for instantaneous parameters of measuring input quantity, LPF mode for current and voltage for true measurement of VFD Application, Auto PowerOFF to save the batteries’ power, Continuous ON Mode and Double moulded Cover for firm grip and soft touch of the equipment.

Megger’s TDR in Action

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It comes as no surprise that most customers of Megger who have used CFL535G TDR are mighty pleased with its remarkable performance.  This handheld time domain reflectometer is built with the ability to locate fault on mixed pair metallic cables. The CFL535G is capable of testing connections and locating faults for up to 12 miles. 

The Megger CFL535G TDR comes with a comprehensive Dual Channel capability designed with dual aspect display, ultra-fast pulse for the purpose of near end fault identification, AUTO set up mode for instant application,  Xpert guidance for locating potential fault and, IP54 rating for real life working of device. It is designed and built for use on all metallic paired cables. Considered to be one of the best in the area, it is a high resolution, dual channel, compact Time Domain Reflectometer designed with colour screen to locate any form of faults on paired metallic cables.

With a resolution (min.) of 0.3 ft /0.1 m and a 60 kft/20 km maximum range according to the velocity factor selected and the cable type, the CFL535G has a 5 output impedances  namely 25, 50, 75, 100, 125 ohms  and an auto impedance matching feature. One can set the velocity factor between 0.2 and 0.99 to carry out their cable test requirements.

Supreme Technology & Energy Solutions Australia Pty. Ltd. launches three new websites

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Supreme Technology & Energy Solutions Australia Pty. Ltd. has launched two new websites as part of the company objective and strategy to offer quality solutions in the area of Test & Measurement Equipments Rentals/Sales and Power Quality Solutions. These new websites are aimed at enhanced customer interaction and retention of existing customer base in the Australian regions and global markets. They would also serve as a platform for pulling in new clients and suppliers in the areas of Test & Measurement Instrument sales & rentals and Power Quality Solutions. These websites will also help achieve our vision of customers' preferred full service provider of test equipment and energy conservation solutions. This will also help develop close, long-term relationships with our clients. Through our relationships, we become experts at identifying our customers’ businesses - perhaps even comprehending their businesses as well as they do. Through intimate customer relationship, we develop solutions to match our client’s needs, which in turn create loyalty and business value.

Power Quality Solutions Website: 
Power Quality Solutions website offers comprehensive coverage and details on our Power Quality & Energy Monitoring Solutions, Power Quality Analysis, Energy Efficiency & Power Savings, Energy & Power Conservation Solutions, Energy Audit Program, Application Solutions & Product Training with the sales, rentals, lease and hire of a wide range of test & measurement equipments and power quality instruments including Recorders, Power Quality Loggers, power quality Troubleshooters, etc. from major global brands including Hioki, Elspec, Aplab, Global Energy, etc.  Our service details include free instrument configuration of test equipments according to various applications, free data download for report generation and post analysis, Asset Management, Breakdown Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Troubleshooting, free expert advice, free & personalized technical support (Minimal cost for On-site tech support) and free application solutions for Installation, commissioning and Testing. Visit for more details on our various power quality solutions and services. 

Test Equipment Rentals Website: 
Test Equipment Rentals, our exclusive website for Supreme Technology & Rental Solutions highlights the rental services of electrical and electronic test & measurement equipments from major global brands, as we deliver quality services to our clients across the globe with nationwide delivery. Supreme Technology & Rental Solutions has carved a niche as one of the leading companies in the field of Electrical & Electronics Engineering. Besides, in this website you can check out sales, rentals, hire and leasing services of test Instruments. You can take a look at our rental plans and solutions, packed with a slew of financial and tax advantages that could well enhance your bottom line and business productivity without investing on the purchase on the actual test equipment. Therefore, we provide you with advantages that could well decide whether you need to go for or rent your next product requirement. Visit to check out some of the benefits of the various rental solutions, process and rental tools offered by us.

Supreme Technology Rentals Website:
With our exclusive Supreme Technology Rentals Website, you can check out the various benefits offered by the several rental plans and programs offered by Supreme & Rental Solutions based on your actual requirement, budget, industry and application so that you can maximize your business bottom line and enhance your productivity. Our rental process which will take you through the various rental plans, benefits including the individual benefits of every plan. Visit for an exclusive comparison of the benefits of the various rental plans offered by us on all test & measurement equipments to customers across the globe.

More Global Brands join hands with Supreme Technology and Energy Solutions

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Supreme Technology and Energy Solutions Australia Pty. Ltd have introduced 6 more global brands on the website, whose innovative Test & Measurement Equipments will undoubtedly upgrade and accommodate the growing needs of energy conservation and Energy Efficiency.  These include EuroSMC, Formula Innovation by SMC, MIRUS International Inc., Omicron, Ponovo and Power Standards Lab. Let us take a quick look at the brand profile and their range of product suite and solutions for their customers.

EUROSMC provides user friendly equipments using sophisticated technology delivering accuracy and intuitive operational use that allows power testing for all relay types and brands.  The company’s global presence in 85 countries includes 55 representatives and distributors and offices are strategically located in United States, Europe, South America, and Asia. EUROSMC equipment is compact, robust and can be controlled manually or by using a computer. Products of EUROSMC include a gamut of high AC primary current injectors for overcurrent testing in power plants, substations, protective relays, switchgear and circuit breakers. 

Formula Innovation SMC
Formula Innovation SMC is a company whose state-of-art edge technology and first rate engineering skills has led to the development of innovative products and applications for primary injection testing. SMC’s products have been offering convenient solutions for electrical commissioning and maintenance since 1986.   Raptor a complete user centric range is backed by 27 years of experience and strong 10,000 tests sets. Raptor Systems include Raptor C-05, C-15, C-25 and C-35. The units of Raptor include Raptor MS, SL, HH and they also come with optional accessories including ultra-flexible high current cable, grouping plates and console extender.

MIRUS International Inc.
MIRUS International Inc. devises power quality improvement products that are world class. MIRUS products and solutions reduce power supply disruption, enhance reliability and observe strict regulatory compliance to conserve energy and reduce overall costs. Their specific product line includes well-developed and designed harmonic filters, transformers, autotransformers and Data Center power distribution equipment that deliver performance and operational cost efficiency. 

OMICRON a leading and reputed global organization provides inventive and effective solutions for electrical power systems with respect to testing, diagnosis and monitoring parameters. The products and services accurately assess power system condition. OMICRON product range includes Protection Testing systems that facilitate systems safety maintenance, Function-based Acceptance Testing, Commissioning, Maintenance & Re-commissioning, and Data & Maintenance Management Troubleshooting & Analysis.

For more than a decade PONOVO POWER CO., has indefatigably maintained its focus on delivering intelligent, effective and efficient solutions enabling testing and power quality control to more than 5000 clients globally. Ponovo offers Protection Relay Test equipments that include the Ponovo PW460, PW466i, PW636i, PW336i, POM2-6143 and L336i built with 6 currents generators. The protection relay kit can be simplified considerably with transformer differential protection relay. The Protection Relay Test sets including POM2-3243 and S40A come with 3 currents source.

Power Standards Lab 
Power Standards Lab, an internationally acclaimed precision electric power instrument company provides comprehensive engineering information regarding measurement of electrical power. It offers optimized state-of-the-art power instruments and deployment of advanced technology and its core specialty is its focus on devising solutions that address the most intricate of power quality problems through innovative and optimized products delivering efficiency, reliability and sustainability. There are more than 42 countries that make use of PSL products. Power Standards Lab team operates in Alameda located in California and is renowned for its power quality consulting services to more than 300 global industrial clients. Their distinct product line includes PQube Power Monitors, Power Quality Sensors, Voltage Sag Generators and PQube 3 Embedded Power Quality, Energy & Environment Monitoring Equipments.

Latest PAT tester from Megger

Posted by Admin on 22 Feb 2017

Megger has rolled out its latest PAT Tester including the PAT120 and the PAT150 / PAT150R. Let’s take a quick look of some of the features of Megger PAT120. It comes with a simple pass/fail indication, 250V Insulation and Leakage testing for IT testing and surge protected instruments safely. It is rubber armoured and features a built-in front cover. It can be battery powered and features a range of rechargeable options. It can test fixed as well portable electrical equipments. It is built to resist scratches and has a display window. It also features an easy-to-use interface and fully automated testing and fixed PASS limits primarily to assist medium and small business owners with effective safety maintenance of their electrical equipments according to the safety regulations.

The Megger PAT150 / PAT150R features 10 mA & 30 mA Portable RCD lead testing and find itself ideal for the testing of Substitute and Mains powered leakage. It comes with an adjustable PASS test limits. The PAT150 is perfect for use at training centres by service and repair engineers as most training centres today need a range of functionality and complete control of their testing process. Test duration & Test limits and can be altered, besides the test lead resistance nulled and individual tests run for continuity, Insulation and current leakage measurements. 

It is perfect for use in training and diagnostic work. The PAT150 can also power instrument right from the electrical supply offering the ability to test instrument with electrically latched switches, in addition to operational testing. All PAT100 testers are compact, lightweight, battery powered testers for safety testing of portable electrical instruments.

Leading Brands Kilovolt Prueftechnik & Kingsine join hands with Supreme Technology & Energy Solutions

Posted by Admin on 22 Feb 2017

Supreme Technology & Energy Solutions is proud to announce that brands Kilovolt Prueftechnik & Kingsine have joined the elite bandwagon of product suppliers. Talking about the brands, the ISO 9001:2000 certified Kingsine Electric Automation Co., Ltd. located in the Shenzhen neighbour Hong Kong is one of the leading manufacturers of Standard Power, CT/PT Analyzer, Protection Relay Test Set, Power Calibrator, Multifunctional Power Meter, RTU-Tester and & Power Quality Monitoring Equipments, all supplied with a manufacturer warranty of 3 years on free repair.

Incepted in 1999, it has been a specialist in the manufacture of Electric Testing & Measurement Equipments with a Software enterprise certificate and High-tech enterprise certification, both of which have been duly recognised by China authority. It has also bagged the Chinese top manufacturer for electric test equipment in the area of domestic relay-tester. Thanks to its talented pool of experts and trained technicians that helps provide electric power test solution in line with the specifications of customers. With a range of patents under its belt including the All-in-One design idea, the electrical test equipments of Kingsine have been recommended and approved by the power research institutes of every provincial and China National Institute of Metrology, besides the prestigious CE certificate. 

Kilovolt Prueftechnik Chemnitz GmbH is a manufacturer and distributor of portable test equipment sets, with special emphasis on test instruments for producing power cables in medium voltage range. Kilovolt Prueftechnik’s products find itself into a wide range of applications including construction sites, transformer stations, on-site at the cable trench and in the substation. Established in the heart of the city of Chemnitz in Germany, its vertical integration is a staggering 100% as all the major components have been produced in-house. This basic philosophy has helped set high standards of quality for brand Kilovolt. The biggest strength of Kilovolt is its rich experience spanning several decades in the manufacture and development of high voltage generators built with small dimensions.  Some of the advantages of test & measurement instruments of Kilovolt include smallest dimensions, field-proven designs, robustness, enhanced security and optimal ratio of weight to output. 

If you are looking for User Manual, Software Manual, Application, Accessories, Video & Youtube of brands Kilovolt Prueftechnik & Kingsine, do not go anywhere as we have listed them all in our website online for you to make the most of. You can also check out used and refurbished products of these brands available with various rental options on our website.

Elspec Technologies for Energy saving solutions & Power Quality Analysis

Posted by Admin on 22 Feb 2017

The brand Elspec Technologies has topped the list of products for Energy saving solutions, Real-time power factor correction systems & Electrical Power Quality Analysis. Thanks to the innovative approach of the brand to R & D, backed by quality technical and customer support. We have listed a wide range of their Power Quality Analyzers, Software, Firmware, etc on our website. Some of the products of Elspec that have been added recently to the line-up include Remote Display LCD Units, Activar, Equalizers & Equalizer RTs. Click here if you are looking for a complete list of Elspec products on our website. 

Here is a quick list of all the products from Elspec that you will find on our website: Activar, Equalizer, Equalizer RT, Equalizer ST, G3500/G4500 BLACKBOX Portable Power Quality Analyzer, G4100 Display Unit, G4400/G4410/G4420/G4430 BLACKBOX Fixed Power Quality Analyzer, G4400 Multi I/O Expansion, GPS, Investigator, Multi-Frequency 3.5G Wireless Modem, BLACKBOX Firmware Release, Power IQ Software and PQSCADA Software. 

We also have a line up of all Elspec products available in several purchase options including hire, lease and short/long term/month-to-month/ex-rentals for you choose to from depending upon your budget and actual requirements.  If you are looking for refurbished and used Elspec equipments, you can find them on our website at competitive rates.  Being a one-stop solution for all your requirements related to test instruments, we also help you with the repair and disposal of all Elspec Test & Measurement Equipments, based on your requirement. Also, check out our exclusive sections on Energy Conservation Solutions & Power Quality Solutions and do contact us to know your requirements.